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LISC Opportunity Zones Playbook series, “Navigating the Opportunity Zones: Community Partners.” As the title suggests, this playbook is geared to the people and organizations committed to community revitalization and shared prosperity for all residents. Our intention is to provide essential information and potential strategies for communities looking to leverage the Opportunity Zones incentive to do equitable and inclusive planning.



LISC Indianapolis Development on Tap: Opportunity Zones and the Challenges of Implementation

LISC Indianapolis hosted a discussion on March 26, 2020 with Economic Innovation Group, the DC-based public policy group that incubated the idea behind Opportunity Zones. EIG will speak to the latest developments and tools for Opportunity Zones, as well as address how small businesses and distressed communities can play a role in COVID-19 health and economic crises recovery.

WebEx Recording with Slidedeck

Development on Tap Slidedeck

Opportunity Zones: What do Indiana Small Businesses Need to Know Webinar

On Jan. 23, 2020, small businesses owners and entrepreneurs were invited to join a free webinar, developed by the Opportunity Investment Consortium of Indiana, to learn more about Opportunity Zone equity investments and what it means for Indiana. Please click here to watch the webinar. Click here for the slide deck

Fall 2018 IRS issuance of Proposed Regulations

Click here to view the Opportunity Zones Proposed Regulations Webinar from The Midwest Opportunity Zone Forum.

How to Post an Opportunity to the Portal

Please click here to view the Opportunity Investment Consortium Training Video on how to load an opportunity into the portal.

Prosperity Indiana Opportunity Zones Workshop

Hosted on Jan. 31, 2019, the video recaps include an introduction to Opportunity Zones, provide guidance on placing deals, and conclude with a more technical panel on how to pair Opportunity Zone investment with other tools and sources.

Prosperity Indiana "Opportunity Zones 101 Just the Basics"

Prosperity Indiana "Opportunity Zone So You Think You Have a Potential Deal"

Prosperity Indiana "Opportunity Zone Deal Packaging"


Community Leaders Use Opportunity Zones to Bring New Life To Small Town Indiana: Valley House Flats demonstrates how a small and creative group of individuals were able to utilize the Opportunity Zone tax incentive to support the hopes and dreams of a small, rural community. Every aspect of this mixed-use project had barriers to traditional finance and the Opportunity Zone designation opened a new avenue to round out critical gaps. It also demonstrates how local investors can be mission-minded with their personal wealth and willing to take risks on behalf of their community. Read the full case study here.

In August 2019, The Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs, in partnership with the Purdue Center for Regional Development/Extension Community Development, announced six sites will receive technical assistance and capacity-building support as part of the Rural Opportunity Zone Initiative. Click here to read more.


Accelerator for America: How to Build a Marketing Prospectus for your OZ Zone.

Thank you to the 200+ individuals who attended and participated in the Opportunity Zone Summit on Tuesday, July 23, 2019. Materials shared at the Summit can be found here.

Click here to view the Prosperity Indiana Opportunity Zone One Pager or click here to read the article entitled "Relationships and Collaboration: Drive Innovative Hoosier Economic Development Strategies" in the Spring edition of IEDC's Economic Development Journal, written by Jessica Love, Prosperity Indiana. 


The Internal Revenue Service on April 17, 2019 issued guidance (PDF) providing additional details about investment in qualified opportunity zones. ​

The White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council members have identified over one-hundred and sixty Federal programs where targeting, preference, or additional support could be granted to Opportunity Zones. As of August 21, 2019, the Council has already taken action on over 150 grants or programs. Click here to view the Companion Federal Opportunity Zone Grant Sources.


The Economic Innovation Group gave a presentation on 3/14/19, here are the slides from the Opportunity Zones Webinar for Local Government Representatives. The webinar covers the basics of the incentive and its tax benefits, how it works, a snapshot of the designated zones, potential use cases and early project examples, updates on the regulations, and emerging best practices for successful implementation at the local level.

​Affordable Housing recently published a recent article discussing Opportunity Zones as a tool for affordable housing. Click here to read the full article that mentions the Opportunity Investment Consortium of Indiana.

Click here to view a publication from ​Camoin Associates on how EDOs can use Opportunity Zones to promote economic development.

Click here to read How to for Opportunity Zones: Building Your Own Prospectus Guide from Accelerator for America. 

Click here to view the slide deck from the Wednesday, August 22, 2018 Midwest Opportunity Zone Forum.


Part 2 Indiana Bond Bank Podcast on Opportunity Zones: The Community Perspective. Guests include City of Gary Mayor, Karen Freeman-Wilson, City of Gary Director of Commerce, Karla Henderson, and Rush County Economic & Community Development Corporation Executive Director, John McCane. Subjects include reaction to the designation, marketing opportunity zones, what kind of businesses to invest in etc. 

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